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I enjoy telling many different types of stories, here are some of my favorites:

The Befana's Tale
    by LPV
Count Silvernose
    by Italo Calvino
Everyone Knows What Dragon Looks Like
    by Jay Williams
The King Who Loved Dragons adapted
    by Joe Wos
The Gypsy and the Dragon
    based on a Russian Folktale
Il Leone e il Toppino (The Lion and the Mouse)
Li Chi Slays the Serpent
    By: Jane Yolen
The Maid's Tale
    by LPV
The Old Rabbit
    based on an African folktale

Once Upon a Dragon
    by Jack Kent
Onions and Garlic
    by Eric Kimmel
Peasant and the Dragon
    based on a Russian Folktale
Rock Candy
    by LPV
Rooster & the Dragon
    based on a Chinese Folktale
Who Owns the Moon
    By: Sonia Levitin
Wizard the Fairy & the Magic Chicken
    by Helen Lester
Zio Luigi & the Dragon
    by LPV
Prince's Pet - Year of the Dog
    by LPV